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Our Year 5/6 class has four boys and six girls, some Deaf, some hearing and some hearing impaired. Our classroom has accoustic tiles on the walls and ceiling to make hearing easier and some students also use FM systems. All students participate in the Signing Choir and will audition to perform at the Festival of Music later in the year.

On Friday, February 13th we will vote to choose our SRC representative for this year and from Week 5 this term we will all be involved in Student Power groups. Student Power groups are involved in an activity to benefit the community, it can be the school community or the wider community. The different groups will be be displayed soon on the Library window.

15 thoughts on “About Our Class”

  1. hi fadilla cool picture. the new school blog is AWSOME! me like the pictures of the class the fun spots a fun lol. Miss Mac did a great job.

  2. Iwas just about to see the whole class blog but I only saw the front page and I think it will be really good. hope photo will work cause only work is i signed in.

  3. Hi I think the games on fun spot are cool to and at the end of the year when there is heaps of work on the blog it will be awsome

  4. Yea I so agree. By the was I think we are lucky now it HOLIDAY, I am feeling like a CHILLING kind of girl!!!!!

  5. could you, ms mac, add some more ‘other websites’ maybe a maths site, cause i need one. and can you please convince my teacher, miss beirman, to make a website for my class.

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